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Vinh Phuc putting tourist sites into development plan

As part of the plan to speed up tourism development to 2020 with vision to 2030, Vinh Phuc tourism will receive 76,000 international visitors and 2,250,000 domestic tourists; 120,000 international visitors and 2,850 million domestic visitors by 2020; and 220,000 international visitors and 3,700 million domestic tourists by 2030. On September 6th 2014, Mr Phung Quang Hung , Chairman of Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee , chaired a meeting with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Department of Construction and consultancy units to report on three projects namely the detailed planning ratio 1/500 of Tam Dao 1 Resort; the general planning ratio 1/5000 of Tay Thien Scenic Area , Tam Dao district; the detailed planning ratio 1/500 of west area of Dai Lai lake resort, Phuc Yen town.

The detailed planning of Tam Dao 1 resort aims to renovate and upgrade the entire landscape of tourist sites including: residential tourist area, highland resort, central park, luxury resorts as well as public, commerce and services works.

Commenting on the planning, Mr Phung Quang Hung called for the Department of Culture , Sports and Tourism and consultant units to calculate specifically the most suitable length, width and slope of roadbed. It’s important for functional areas to have suitable architecture; entertaining areas, community centres, car parks, markets, commercial centres must be planned in specific locations. At the same time, it’s crucial to ensure maximum the current status of tourist areas, especially the residential; featuring each streets by suitable architectural details such as paint colours, roof, floor number, trees, power lines system…

The detailed planning of Tay Thien scenic zone has a total area of 850 ha, a population of over 4,000 living in two communes of Dai Dinh and Tam Quan , Tam Dao district. It includes complete planning of major functional areas, commercial centres, tourist resorts, cultural and spiritual tourism, cuisine, relics, creating a spiritual tourism space of close linkages; synchronous decision on spatial organisation of functional areas and tourist as well as technical infrastructure in relics and surrounding neighborhoods. It prioritizes projects: the Tay Thien Festival Centre , the administrative centre of Dai Dinh commune, the areas of Thuong temple, Ca Temple , Mau Sinh and Mau Hoa temple, trade and services areas, etc. Prioritised infrastructure includes transportation, power, water, communications, drainage, urban sanitation.

According to the detailed planning of the western region of the Dai Lai tourist resort, this resort has a 127 ha scale. It is an important transport hub with major routes: 301, 310, ring road 5, high railway tourism connecting the Phuc Yen urban with the northern urbans and industrial areas of the province. This is also a general service centre, a resort, linking all functional areas of Dai Lai tourist resort. Based on assessments of land use, infrastructure, population, topography, landscape architecture, the planning ensures adequate space for ecological tourist areas along the Ba Hanh River , green space in parks, eco-cultural village of San Diu community ethnic, cultural, culinary, entertainment centres, services, public works, landscaping, green campus and so on.

For those two plans, Chairman Phung Quang Hung required the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Department of Construction and consultant units to adjust the main route to Tay Thien relics; locating cuisine culture area in accordance with the overall planning of tourist destinations. At the same time, it’s also crucial to consider adjusting some details in the technical infrastructure for transportation, drainage systems, lighting systems in the planning of western area in Dai Lai resort

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