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Ha Giang opens training course for tourism staff

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Ha Giang department of Culture and Information in corporation with Tourism Promotion Centre has organized a training course on "Community Tourism of Ha Giang in 2015". Attending the course are 42 students who are in charge of cultural affairs in the villages with community tourism, management board and households offering homestay service in Phuong Thien and Phuong Do communes of Ha Giang town - Tour Ha Giang Vietnam.

The training course is attended by lecturer from Hanoi Tourism College with content: Overview of the tourism development of Ha Giang province, the role of eco-environmental protection with development of tourism activities, characteristics and needs of tourists coming to the community-based cultural villages, some models of management, operation and distribution of profits for community tourism products. Practice how to decorate, arrange furniture in the house, methods of processing some traditional dishes to serve tourists, some principles in interacts with tourists. The training course is not only to equip people with basic knowledge of business, community tourism activities, but also help people orient the economic development in a sustainable way according to the model of economic tourism, thereby contribute to local economic development.

In order to raise the level of knowledge for professional management team, directors and deputy directors, business owners and service staff in hotels, motels and restaurants in town and also helps operate the business activities more effective, the training course on "Business Management for customer service at hotels, guesthouses and restaurants" was held in 2 days at Ha Giang museum hall, there were 20 people attended including 5 participants from hotels and restaurants in town. Content of the course was to convey to students necessary stills such as basic communication skills with tourists, objects and mentality of tourists, promotion and marketing in the hotels, restaurants, handling situations in operating hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. This is an opportunity for accommodation establishments and restaurants in the City and other districts in Ha Giang province to exchange, share of experiences to serve guests better.

Ha Giang is the province with great potential for tourism development. However, to put up the smokeless industry development, Ha Giang is trying to build and implement successful strategies for tourism development. Since Dong Van Plateau has officially become a member of network of global geoparks, Ha Giang is determined to implement the strategy to become a tourist centre in north Vietnam. This determination is expressed through the building of Ha Giang's strategic development with the goal to receive 1.9 million visitors in 2015, with 340 thousand foreign tourists, revenue from tourism, services reach 2 trillion Vietnam Dong.

To accomplish this goal, Ha Giang province is expected to improve the existing accommodation facilities on 122 hotels and guest houses with 1,687 rooms, 45 village community cultural tourism. By 2020, Ha Giang tourism sector is expected to receive about 3 million tourists, with 650 thousand foreign visitors, total revenue of over 3 trillion Dong. The accommodation facilities are raised to 150 motels, hotels and resorts, with a total of 4000 rooms, 88 community-based tourism cultural villages

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