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Ha Giang celebrates 50th anniversary of Happiness Road

Happiness Road in Ha Giang

In the coming time, Travel Ha Giang province is expected to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the completion of the "Road of Happiness" to honor and praise the great contribution of the former voluntary youngsters in the eight northern provinces who have opened the road from the town of Ha Giang to four northern mountainous districts. The celebration is scheduled to be held in mid March 2015.

The "Road of Happiness" is the path extending from Ha Giang town to Meo Vac district built by young peoples of Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen, Nam Dinh and Hai Duong provinces during 8 years with simple tools equivalent to 2 million workdays.

The Happiness Road was started on 10th September 1959 with total length 200km from Ha Giang over the rock plateau Dong Van and Ma Pi Leng pass to Meo Vac, after a long time of hard working the route was completed and put into operation on 10th March 1965. Nearly 8 years of contruction in harsh conditions with a lot of hardship the road was completed in the happiness of local people and young workers.

why the road was name Happiness? For the road was attached to hard labour of the youth, they have sacrificed their beautiful young years, shed sweat and even blood for the road. In those days, enthusiastic young people willing to participate in activities to help people. When the campaign to build the road was launched, hundreds of young people came together on the road, volunteered to go opening the road. At that time, the tools were very basic and simple, they just had the hammers and crowbars to work. The country was still in difficult condition, they had to work very hard under severe conditions however everyday young people still worked very hard. Even they hang onto the roof of the Ma Pi Leng plateau over 11 months to build the road over the pass opening literally every centimeter of rock to open the road, completing 10km road through the steep side.

Many people have expressed deep feelings when recalling to the old days, it's like a historical battle that they have put all effort into helping people. It is the sacrifice of their contributions now the plateau region has increasingly developed. Thanks to the Road of Happiness that people now can have easy access to trade with each other and with other regions, tourists come here to discover more and more, contributing to the economic development of Ha Giang province.

The 50th anniversary of the completion of "Road of Happiness" is expected to organize many cultural activities such as organizing acceptance of phase 1 of the monument of voluntary youth on the Happiness Road, inauguration of the cemetery and organize offering incense to young martyrs in Yen Minh district, the 2nd Hmong flute festival in Ha Giang...

Under the plan, the Northwest Steering Committee will host the ceremony in collaboration with Ha Giang province, and local agencies concerned to prepare the necessary conditions to organize the 50th anniversary of the completion of "Road of Happiness" in Ha Giang province to ensure practical and effectiveness.

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