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Community tourism development in Ha Giang

More than 520,000 visitors came to Ha Giang in 2013, this is an impressive figure for the tourism industry the frontier area of the country.

Nam Dam hamlet in Quan Ba district is a farourite choice for visitors coming to visit Ha Giang Vietnam. In total 50 households, mostly ethnic Dzao, there are up to 20 families organize community based travel. To attract more tourists, Nam Dam has set up a Management Board, responsible for the managing of tourism activities in the village. Thanks to the attention of local authorities, from early 2014 the hamlet had a museum of it's own. Travellers can learn about culture, traditions and habits of Dzao people in Ha Giang through exhibits and old books.

Nevertheless, community tourism in Ha Giang has not been implemented in a professional manner, many villages branded as community travel culture village however there is no service. Ha Giang province is composed by 21 ethnic minorities, many villages still preserve cultural traditions however people's lives are difficult, education level is not high. Developing community tourism will contribute to protecting the environment and creating jobs, increasing imcome and improving life for people...But to achieve this goal Ha Giang must have specific strategies, especially to raise awareness for the people.

According to leaders of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, from the end of the year, under the Circular 12 of the Ministry of Culture, ethnic minorities will enjoy more preferential policies for tourism development such as promotion support and assistance in the development of tourism in the model of homestay. The Circular is hoped to facilitate the sustainable development of community tourism in Ha Giang

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