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Bao Lac

Located in the north of Cao Bang province, Bao Lac is a mountainous distict on the border of China, Bao Lac is an attractive stop for tourists to Cao Bang.
With terrrain of climate characteristics of a mountain area, Bao Lac is famous for agricultural products such as plums, pears, oranges and precious medicinal herbs.
Bao Lac is home to some ethnic minority groups living in the far northeast of Vietnam like H'mong, Dzao, Lo Lo, Tay, Nung...the weekend market in Bao Lac is a must for visitors.
Local food of Bao Lac is also special with ethnic dishes such as Thang Co soup, Men Men, dry buffalo meat and some special river fish.
Coming to Bao Lac, travelers can enjoy the rolling mountains with majestic Gam river, visit the ancient mansion of Nong family in the district town, the historical site of Dong Mu station and especially immerse in the unique cultural space of highland people who still retain their characteristics.
With it's attractions, Bao Lac has great potential for tourism development and there are more and more travelers going to Bao Lac on their loop around northeast Vietnam.

Bao Lac in Cao Bang

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