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Bac Me

Bac Me is about 50 km from Ha Giang town. The road leads to Bac Me is fairly small, sloping and rugged. In winter, things appear hoe gold leaf forests, flowers blossom brilliantly. Bac Me is not a district renowned for tourism in Ha Giang, where there is no field stairs as Hoang Su Phi, without the vibrant market sessions colorful markets such as Sa Phin ... or landscape of sheer rocky mountains like Dong Van, Meo Vac, but always attract visitors by vast space and strangely charming beauty...

From the slopes to the district capital of Bac Me, look to their right hand is a hidden lake in the creek, deep green water, forests are also deep green, mountains stand up and are covered by the white clouds. On the water surface as flat mirrors, a slim stroke of smoke followed by the sounds of fish moving.

It is difficult to tell whether it was build by human or nature, for this is part of the watershed lake Na Hang hydropower. Since hydroelectric dam on Na Hang, Tuyen Quang under close (a few months ago), the water from Gam River gradually rose and created the unique landscape of mountains and water .On the road to the district center, through the old town of Bac Me, one feels as if being floated in the dream of a virtual look from moment to moment. Water, mountains, ancient trees and dew passive smoke. The people Bac Me also predicts that, if lucky, one can also see all the deer running down drinking water in the other foot of the mountain lake.

Another site of interest is Bac Me prison, located right on a mountain road, Bac Me prison is knows as a political jail in the French colonial rule, there are now only a few relics left such as stone pillars, walls and courtyard. The prison is the only historical site left in the area.

Coming to Bac Me, tourist cannot miss the opportunity to watch the beautiful sight of virtual and here and enjoy the famous food from fish and a few other things.

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