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Bac Ha

Bac Ha is a town in the Lao Cai province, and many tourists from Sapa and Hanoi come here to visit the big Sunday market of the Flower Hmong people. Market starts already on Saturday evening when held here several cultural performances and people sell tasty specialties. You can meet there with the people of local ethnic minority from the neighborhood, mostly with the Flower Hmong and Tay. Bac Ha is also known as the „little Sapa“. About half the people here are the people from the Flower Hmong ethnic group and the rest is Tay, Dzao, Tu Zi, Nung, Phula, La Chi, Lo Lo, Xa Fang, Lachi, Nung, Phula.

Many tourists come only on sunday – visit the Bac Ha market.
Bac Ha is not as frequented by tourists as Sapa, except this Sunday Market. There is not plenty of such services provided. Bac Ha is suitable for trekking around the neighborhood and also with the children you can explore the cultures and customs of ethnic groups living here. If you like trekking, you can go to the Ta Van Chu village (about 10 km north of Bac Ha town, homestay is possible here), or you can visit the Thai Giang Pho, Na Hoi and Nam Mon villages.

Bac Ha is mainly a business city of the ethnic minority groups.
You will not find here a breathtaking sceneries and views of the mountains as in the province of Ha Giang, but here is also a beautiful landscape full of hills and rice terraces. You can get here from the Lao Cai town (train from Hanoi stops here). From here you need to take a bus, the trip takes 2.5 hours. Every Saturday you can visit Can Cau market, this market is 20km from the town, it is a little bit smaller market. And also you can go to the Tuesday’s market in Coc Ly, about 35 km from the city. In Coc Ly you can visit also local dam and huge Chay river, you can take a boat trip.
In Bac Ha market you can buy almost everything what are you looking for.
Villagers sell here the animals (cattle, horses, pigs, but even the dogs) and also the things of the local people. For example, with different textiles, saddles for horses, bags, cushions, figurines and other handcrafted items. Most of the local people are from the Flower Hmong ethnic group. You can try local food in these markets in Bac Ha.

The Royal Palace of Hmong people – Hoang Tuong in Bac Ha.
Good option is to visit the village of Ban Pho, 2 km from the town of Bac Ha. In this village live many Hmong flower people. In the spring plum trees are grown here and a lot of trucks come here to purchase them and the people deliver these plums to another provinces. In the town of Bac Ha is also The Royal Palace of Hmong people – Hoang Tuong, which still retains the original architecture of the old time. The Royal palace was built by Chinese in 1920 during the time of French colonization.

The palace was built in the Asia-European architectural style. Hoang Tuong palace was owned by father and son, Hoang Yen Chao Hoang Tuong, Tay ethnic people, who ruled and controled the area. Hmong are comprised of 70% of the population in this area. Hoang Tuong was king of the region and controled all business activities in the region, and people were subordinate to his government.

How to get to Bac Ha:
You can use a night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai (Sapa). Use a search engine of transport links Baolau and the official website of Vietnam Railways Dsvn. From Lao Cai you take a local bus directly to Bac Ha. If you stay in Sapa, use a local and tourist buses to Bac Ha. The best time is when you arrive on Saturday, market of Flower Hmong people starts on Sunday morning. There is no train connection in Bac Ha town.

Places of interest in Bac Ha:
• The Sunday market in Bac Ha (every Sunday)
• The Fairy cave at the town of Bac Ha
• other markets in Can Cau, Coc Ly, Sin Cheng, Lung Phin
• Ban Pho village and Hoang Thu Pho district
• Coc Ly dam and Chay river
• The Royal Palace of Hmong people – Hoang Tuong
• trekking in the region (the villages of Ta Van Chu, Thai Giang Pho Hoi Na, Nam Mon).

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