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Pac Bo cave in Cao Bang, where time stands still

Pac Bo cave in Cao Bang, where time stands still The road runs in a thin U-shape where the bottom becomes Coc Bo Cave. A lot of falling leaves cover this stone road. It is in fact difficult to see the blue sky above since the canopy of leaves is so thick. The trees growing along the stream naturally grow into mysterious forms that never cease to charm. The road then slopes, leading hikers to Coc Bo, where the walls of the cave are cool and humid. When standing at the entrance looking down, one can still read "February 8, 1941", the day Uncle Ho first came here Read more >>

Ba Be Lake - Where heaven and water meet

Ba Be Lake - Where heaven and water meet Not far into the journey, we entered Puong Cave, which cuts right through the limestone mountain... Read more >>

Dong Van & Meo Vac - End of the Earth

Dong Van & Meo Vac - End of the Earth Our first night at the resort in Ha Gaing we ordered a dinner of fried tofu with tomatoes sauteed spinach, and steamed rice. We had just dived in when we heard.   Read more >>

Motorbiking through the Mountains

Motorbiking through the Mountains The next day we tried to get to Ha Giang - this was a long day to say the least. We went entirely the wrong way, and ended up off-roading down a mountain track, going round in circles... Read more >>

Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild There also started to be more ethnic minority hill people about, and some of their outfits were quite fancy. The one group of people, the women shave the front half of their head... Read more >>

Into the wild

Into the wild I was tired and numb. so I couldn't really enjoy the scenery. After several hours of bouncing around the countryside we got to Ha Giang city and I got off the bus.... Read more >>

Journey to Meo Vac

Journey to Meo Vac The locals kept stared at us. I bet they never saw tourists. The pigs were squished were squished up in a bamboo cage or on a lead. Lots of people were selling bamboo hats... Read more >>

On to Ba Be National Park

On to Ba Be National Park Our direct bus from Cao Bang to Ba Be National Park was scheduled to leave at noon ... Read more >>

Ban Gioc waterfalls for 45 minutes

Ban Gioc waterfalls for 45 minutes When we actually got to Cao Bang, a man jumped onto my bus and attempted to push me onto his bus. Seriously, I just endured a five hour bus ride ... Read more >>
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