Ha Giang Adventure Tours

Thung Nai

Thung Nai is a village located inside the Song Da reservoir, it belongs to Cao Phong district, about 25 km from Hoa Binh town and 110 km from Ha Noi.

To reach Thung Nai, there is a path through Binh Thanh pier, along Da river, winding up and down over 10 km is the center of Thung Nai, there is a boat dock here.

Considered as Halong Bay on Da river, the sceneries are spectacular. There are a lot of attractions in Thung Nai, travellers can trek through the forest to Mu village, belongs to Muong people located in a valley among dense forest, otherwise one can take a cruise to Da reservoir, visiting the no-man islands scattered around Da river or drop a line for fish on the quiet water.

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