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Thung Khe pass

Many people passed through Thung Khe Pass but they did not remember its name. This pass is not majestic like O Quy Ho in Lao Cai province, not steep as Ma Pi Leng in Ha Giang province but it contains numerous dangers to any drivers.

From Phu Cuong commune in Tan Lac district, the pass starts to go up together with the changes of Hoa Binh’s scenes. The pass slope is from 7 to 10o, running through low ranges of mountains.

From afar, one can see the pass peak with a white cliff, where have several tents selling boiled corns and com lam (rice in bamboo cylinders) for passers-by. The pass slope goes down towards Mai Chau and ends at Tong Dau junction. Before going down, you can admire beautiful Mai Chau at the foot of the pass.

Thung Khe does not have bluffs nor bends, but it is dangerous by trucks running in the opposite direction and the thick fog every afternoon that obstructs drivers’ vision.

In Thung Khe, you can enjoy four seasons a day: the spring on the morning, the summer at noon, the autumn in the afternoon and the winter at night. Passing Thung Khe in winter days, you will be chilled to the bone and feel the wet and opaque fog even during the day.

Anyone who goes through Thung Khe Pass stops at the peak to sit close together near the fire in tents to dry their hands and taste boiled corns and corn juice before getting down the pass. Thung Khe is simple but very attractive.

Thung Khe pass in Hoa Binh province

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