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Quan Ba heaven gate in Ha Giang

Quan Ba heaven gate is located about 50 km north of Ha Giang town, this is the gateway to the Dong Van geological park. Heaven Gate is on top of the pass from Ha Giang to Quan Ba district, once upon a time behind the gate was kingdom of Hmong people with 4 districts Quan Ba, Dong Van, Meo Vac and Yen Minh. In 1939 the French built huge a wooden door, 150cm thick at this place, now the door is no longer there, only a sign in both English and Vietnamese languages: Quan Ba Heaven Gate.

To visit the Heaven Gate, visitors have to climb a few dozen more steps to the highest peak, this is the most ideal place to have a glimpse of the Dong Van plateau, looking backwards downhill, the zigzag road weaving between clouds and mountains. Looking to the front is a large valley with rolling prairies, yellow rice terraces mixed with brown color of earth. Stand prominently is Quan Ba twin mountain or Fairy Mountain that make visitors feel like in the sea of clouds.

Quan Ba heaven gate


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