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Pho Bang in Ha Giang

Pho Bang, the bustling border town of Dong Van (Ha Giang) seemed tobe forgotten in a few decades ...In the journey of those who want to find their own self in the remote forest areas , Pho Bang is an indispensable marker. This border town, not far away geographically, especially when the car can come to the village ... But, a bustling town, a burningtown, a famous town for a few decades ago when opium, drugs "occupied" ,Pho Bang is just a peace town now. Lastime, Pho Bang was the administrative center - the socio-economic of Dong Van district, Ha Giang. However, after the districts of Dong Van is moved deeply about 20km, Pho Bang is as a ... young woman sleeping among the mountains.

From Dong Van old town, backwards Pho Bang,you have to go through nearly 20 km road passing obstacles, between one side of the deep and the other side of the mountains, you can surprised by the immense of the rogger rock and the green corn in this barren land. Through Sung La “the only rain source” for this area in Dong Van, passing more a forest , Pho Bang suddenly appeared. This is a rare valley, if you stop in the roadside , looking before and after, turn left and turn right ,you just see the peak of stone moutain. If someone missed their foot, he will stand right on the border of China. Pho Bang has only two gloomy streets, with several hundred of ancienthouse quietly. Most of people here is Chinese. There is a small part of Vietnamese living here but not enough to make the change of lifestyle in this mountain town.

Stop among the valley, you will feel in the dream. Within a roll on the street, Pho Cao is small and gentle like a sleeping children. Someone who want to visit three regions: Pho Cao -Pho Bang - Khau Vai in a peaceful morning, have a hurry thoughts: rasing a bowl of corn wine on the hand,having no time to drink ,starting to find out the way to drunk the girls who selling wine - the water that has dark yellow colour of corn from Quan ba and Meo Vac, which makes the winds on the road having smell of corn wine that is kept in the bud from the interstitial mountains.

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