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Attractions in north Vietnam

Hoang A Tuong palace

Hoang A Tuong palace A harmoniuos combination between styles of Asian and Europe has created a self- contained rectangle lay- out for the Hoang A Tuong old palace. Both left and right sides of the palace are used as stone houses and for coolies to stay. The front is a screen and the back is the main house. There are 3 rooms on each floor and an open ground in the centre. To get into the palace, you have to go in the waiting room at first, then to a big ground that is used to celebrate a ceremony and xoe dancing. The main house has two floors with an area of 420 sq.m, a very well- proportioned arch door and a balcony outside the corridor Read more >>

Bac Ha market

Bac Ha market Along the way to Bac Ha Market, visitors will see the high mountains, the deep abysses and the terraced fields; meet ethnic people leading the pack horses to the market... Read more >>

Lung Phin market

Lung Phin market Local products for sale or barter are carried on horseback, buffaloes such as blacksmiths, saddlers, traditional medicines, clothing, food.   Read more >>

Moc Chau plateau

Moc Chau plateau When spring comes, the whole Moc Chau is bright with colorful blooming white pumpkin and apricot flowers. Warm sunlight is spreading across the steppe... Read more >>

Son La prison

Son La prison The prison is a famous historical relic that attracts a large number of tourists. It was once considered a steel prison and a hell-on-earth aiming at breaking down... Read more >>

Hoa Binh reservoir

Hoa Binh reservoir This is the biggest man-made reservoir in Vietnam that not only supplies ‎water for the Hydro-electric power plant in Hoa Binh but also an attractive tourist ‎destination.... Read more >>

Mau mount

Mau mount Mau Son was formerly an ideal destination for vacations with many spacious and luxurious villas in Tam Dao and Sapa. However, many of the villas were destroyed... Read more >>

Nguom Ngao cave

Nguom Ngao cave In the opinion of the experienced visitors, Nguom Ngao cave is considered one of the country's most beautiful cave system by stalactites and stalagmites made the scene vividly... Read more >>

Fanxipan mountain

Fanxipan mountain Fansipan is branded "the Roof of Indochina" at the height of 3,143m; Fansipan is to be approved as one of the very few eco-tourist spots of Vietnam ... Read more >>
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