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Khau Vai love market

Khau Vai love market is opened only once a year.

Khau Vai love market is also called Phong Luu market which was dated back in early 20th century. The market takes place on a hill at Khau Vai village, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province. Each year, the market opens only one time. Khau Vai love market is referred to the inconclusive love affaris and reunions, the anxious wait of lovers...

According to legend, Khau Vai love market came after an unhappy ending love story when a young couple from two tribes was in deep love however their love was broken because of difference and hatred between their tribes, the boy and the girl parted however promised to meet again one time a year at Khau Vai peak on the lunar 27th March. Since then, the market in Khau Vai has become a festival for local people come and meet, young and old people dance, sing tribal songs, drink wine and eat traditional Thang Co soup, overtime people from different groups such as Tay, Nung, Dzao also join the market and made it a popular activity for people in the remote north of Vietnam.

From 5pm on the day before market, thousands of people are seen walking and riding horses on their way to market, many of them have to walk overnight to reach the market on time, on their backs are rattan baskets full of fruit, wine, food...the festival of Khau Vai market is long time expecting activity of people not only in the region but also for tourists to Ha Giang.

Khau Vai love market


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