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H'Mong King palace in Ha Giang

Hmong King Palace of Vuong house was built by Vuong Chinh Duc, a Hmong rich and powerful man in 19th century, the house is located in Sa Phin valley, about 125 km from Ha Giang town, this is an attractive site for tourists to Ha Giang.

In the French time, Ha Giang was the kingdom of opium, Hmong people in the region made their living by growing opium and Vuong Chinh Duc earned a lot of silver money by selling opium to the Chinese across the border, he hired a Chinese Fengshui expert to come all over the place in Ha Giang and chose Sa Phin as the location for his mansion.

The house was built in 3 months like a fortress on a low hill in the valley with precious wood and rocks, total area 300 square metres surrounded by dense Sa Moc trees. For a long time the Vuong family ruled the rocky Dong Van plateau with 4 districts Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh, Quan Ba. The Palace was owned by his descendants until 2004 when it was donated to as the national state.

From top of the pass, the Hmong King palace stands magnificently like a turtle in the mountains.

Hmong King palace


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