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Babe lake

Located in the far north of Vietnam where much of the tropical jungle is still in-touch, Ba Be lake is considered, and famed as one of the largest fresh water lake for its beauty as well as its unique geological value of a karst system. Ba be ( three lakes in local language ) was formed millions of years ago in an extraordinary way when the water absorbed into the limestone but in reserved direction making it possible to form a so called : mountain lake. Splendid in its beauty, calm in its appearance, Ba Be makes the National Park, set up years ago in the protection of the lake itself more attractive with various attractions of caves like Puong, and waterfalls like Dau Dang or yet to know lagoons.

The lake consists of three 3 different lakes linked together by a wide channel with the length of around 7 km and a kilometer across of its widest part. Even occupying not a big area compared to the Amazon, there are numerous species of fresh water fish. And together with the National Park, the lake is home to also a lot of tropical and semi tropical monsoon forest with more than 400 kinds of plants, and various species of insects, reptiles and birds. Especially there are two kinds of Primates named : the Black Gibbon and the Tonkinese snub-nosed monkey, making the it top of the list for protection and preservation.

Besides of all the natural attractions, part of the park is inhabited by different ethnic minorities of the white Mong, the Tay, the Coin Dzao and the red Dzao making itself such a destination for sightseeing, exploring, relaxing as well as interacting with the local cultures.

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